Commissioner's Award

This award goes to an individual who works tirelessly in promoting the power of tourism. This individual creates positive change in an always changing industry. Candidates for this award must be nominated by another RVIC. A statement must be included with each entry stating why the nominee is deserving of the award. 


Please consider the following when nominating an individual:


  1. The individual develops tourism opportunities with their local government in order to improve the visitor experience.

  2. Works closely with local elected officials to keep them abreast of the importance of tourism and to stress tourism’s benefits to the local and state economy.

  3. Fosters the development of imaginative and innovative marketing promotion activities at their center and/or the state VIC.

  4. Individual has a reputation of leadership among industry peers demonstrating strong leadership qualities and enthusiasm for the industry.

  5. Individual must be a part of the RVIC network.


Click here to complete the nomination form.  Email supporting documentation (i.e. letters of support, news articles, positive comment cards/email/letters from visitors, etc.) to 

Nija Torrence, Manager, Regional Visitor Services

Georgia Department of Economic Development

 75 5th St NW, Suite 1200 Atlanta, GA 30308



Previous Commissioner's Award Recipients 

2018    Nicole Kirksey, Americus Welcome Center

2017    Hank Arnold, Pine Mountain Visitor Information Center

2016    Sarah Husser, Gordon County CVB

2019 Commissioner's Award Recipient 

Vickie Mogilefsky 

Savannah Rapids Welcome Center

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