Vincent Ivan Phipps M.A., CSP

Communication VIP

Vincent Ivan Phipps is an attitude amplifying keynote speaker and communication trainer. Vincent is called the “Attitude Amplifier” because he keeps audiences engaged with laughter and learning.  His book, “Lead Out Loud” has been called revolutionary in improving professional development. 


Vincent and his wife suffered the loss of their son dying on Christmas morning.  A few years later, Vincent survived a nearly fatal car accident that resulted in his breaking his neck in two places and being incapacitated for four months. While recovering, Vincent focused on how to turn negative problems into actionable solutions. This led to the creation of Vincent’s award-winning company and international speaking presentations. 


Now celebrating his 24th year as a professional motivational speaker and corporate coach, Vincent’s passion is speaking at conferences and conventions to amplify the lives of others by improving leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and presentation skills.  Vincent is currently ranked in the Top 1% of the world’s best motivational speakers.


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